Friday, September 26, 2008

The One with Daniel's Family

In many ways, shooting for another photographer is more nerve wrecking than shooting for a client - especially when you have a ton of respect for that photographer as a person and a friend. My brother in Christ, Daniel Galang, asked me to do a family shoot for him while his parents and brothers were in town one weekend and it was such a blessing to be able to meet his family.

Liberty Station is where our church, The Rock Church, is located in Point Loma. It's a beautiful redevelopment with lots of grassy areas, fountains, and hallways lined with arches. In my mind, I've always wanted to do a shoot there, so this was a great opportunity to try it out. Luckily, the sun decided to peek out by noon and we got some nice, crystal clear blue skies. It truly was a typical San Diego day in all its glory.

Of course, Daniel's youngest brother, Jesse, stole the show. He was such a well-dressed little man of 6 years. They were on their way to Legoland that day, so I was pleasantly surprised that he stuck through the whole shoot because if I were him at that age, I think I would much rather be at Legoland pretending to be a pirate and shooting water at my parents than out in the middle of the day taking photos with some strange lady lying face down in the middle of the sidewalk with a camera.

No matter what kind of shoot I'm doing, I somehow (subconsciously really) find myself following the littler ones around. There's just something about kids that make them so much fun to shoot.





Such funny faces - esp from Daniel. :)


The three brothers.

The hallways of seemingly endless arches...


And then we had some fun throwing the football around on the HUGE grassy field. My fave shots are of Jesse in action. His hair flying the air and his little hands catching this huge football. Way too cute. And missing his two front teeth? I'm getting a tummyache from all this sweetness... :)


My fave shots of the day.

Mom and Dad even threw the football around a little bit. I love the look in her eyes.


A future football star in the making.


Daniel, thanks for asking me to shoot. I had a great time getting to know your family and I can see why you've become such a great man of God today. Vaness is one lucky lady because I just know in my heart that God has created you to be a great father someday after seeing you with Jesse. Praise God!

And special thanks for my lovely husband who did an excellent job as the bag/football/purse carrier. :)