Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One with the Rehearsal Lunch at Tom Ham's Lighthouse

We had the pleasure of joining the rehearsal lunch at Tom Ham's Lighthouse. The weather was absolutely superb - the kind that makes you feel bad that you're enjoying high 70 degree weather while the rest of the country is in a winter freeze. The view of San Diego is spectacular from Harbor Island and reminds me of how blessed I am to call myself a, "San Diegan."

It was such a beautiful gathering of both families and friends. Vaness and Daniel both wore their wedding colors - her in shimmering gold, him in bold red. Too cute!



The two families together.

I somehow managed to not be in any other photo but this one with my big ol' mouth. :)

I love Vaness' smile and how just lights up her whole face.

The bride and groom's welcome speech.


Vaness looks even smaller with such a huge camera! :)

Silly faces!

10 shots later...

Proof that neither Daniel nor Vaness' dad could stay away from the camera... and I completely understand. :)

Tristan's (Daniel's younger brother) speech.


Daniel's tie even has gold in it! :)

Eliza's (Vaness' younger sister) speech


The food was super yummy and very well displayed! I loved how every dish came with an orchid. :)

Spinach & artichoke dip with house-made potato chips

Calamari strips with pineapple jalapeno dipping sauce

California Gold Salad

Adam (and most of the other guests) had the shrimp basket.

I had the club sandwich. YUM!

And what Vaness & Daniel celebration would it be without a delicacy from Hans & Harry?! Adam and I are hooked!


Practicing for the wedding day!






Vaness and siblings.


And of course, boys being boys. LOL!


Coming up next! Bridal slumber party!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The One with Junior Seau

Now that I'm finally caught up on sleep and have returned to the real world, I've finally had some time to sort through the many photos I took last week and process them.

On Friday, all the girls went to get pampered with manis and pedis. It was quite relaxing! I realized that I should do it more often. Just need to convince my husband why it's a necessary monthly expenditure. :)

The beautiful bride to be!

Daniel's mom joined us too!


All our pretty fingers and toes! :)

Afterwards, we met up with the boys, ahem... MEN, at Seau's for a wedding party get-together. Then the most amazing this happened! The boys somehow get Junior Seau to come over and wish Daniel and Vaness good luck with their marriage! It was all quite surreal, but I love Daniel's face and expression afterwards. Apparently, Junior Seau was someone he looked up to back when he was young. How cool is that?!


Coming up next... Rehearsal Lunch!

*photos were taken with my trusty, but grainy point-and-shoot. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The One with My New Website!!!

My goal last year was to have a website by the end of 2008. I praise God that what seemed impossible to me at first was made possible by the hands of God. Wow.

I spent a long time working on this site and it is finally complete. The perfectionist in me probably delayed the official launching of it for awhile since I couldn't stop mulling over every little detail many, many times. But here it is!

My splash page.


I want to thank Melissa McClure, Jen Harris, Melissa Koehler, and the Baxters of Ohana for helping me to build my portfolio this past year. I sincerely thank you for allowing a know-nothing like me shoot beside you. Without you, I wouldn't even be able to do this.

I am so excited about what 2009 has in store!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The One with Fotocabina

It's amazing how quickly life gets filled up once teaching starts up again. I finally got our scanner out and scanned the photobooth picture we got at Melissa's wedding. She had a fotocabina photobooth, which I've only seen in pictures, so it was cool to see it up close and personal. It was fun watching everyone go through it with the various props and all. Plus, photographers are such HAMS! :)

Adam and Jasmine photobooth.JPG

My husband cracks me up!

Check out some of the photobooth photos at Vaness & Daniel's wedding that Melissa Koehler took. It was such a beautiful wedding. I have lots of photos to sort through and will get them posted soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The One with the Collins Family

Daniel had me tag along with him on a family shoot in November. I finally got around to blogging them! We went out to Point Loma Nazarene University for the afternoon shoot.

We had such a fun time with them. Little Hamilton was quite stubborn at first, but I think I won him over when I let him tackle me to the ground in the grass. And little Ayla? PRECIOUS. She was such a ham for the camera! Plus, Mom and Dad were so awesome! You want me to throw her up in the air for some shots

A cute brother & sister shot.


The stunts photographers go through to get that perfect shot! Daniel on top of my SUV. What a rockstar!









It's raining babies!!!






CollinsFamily-18.jpgI love how Ayla's got her dad tackled to the ground.

Thanks for having me tag-along, Daniel!