Monday, January 26, 2009

The One with Junior Seau

Now that I'm finally caught up on sleep and have returned to the real world, I've finally had some time to sort through the many photos I took last week and process them.

On Friday, all the girls went to get pampered with manis and pedis. It was quite relaxing! I realized that I should do it more often. Just need to convince my husband why it's a necessary monthly expenditure. :)

The beautiful bride to be!

Daniel's mom joined us too!


All our pretty fingers and toes! :)

Afterwards, we met up with the boys, ahem... MEN, at Seau's for a wedding party get-together. Then the most amazing this happened! The boys somehow get Junior Seau to come over and wish Daniel and Vaness good luck with their marriage! It was all quite surreal, but I love Daniel's face and expression afterwards. Apparently, Junior Seau was someone he looked up to back when he was young. How cool is that?!


Coming up next... Rehearsal Lunch!

*photos were taken with my trusty, but grainy point-and-shoot. :)


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

when he was young? wait isn't daniel a *cough cough ahem* 49er fan ;) that's awesome! we love love love junior seau!

Daniel Galang Photography said...

Yes A 49er fan all the way... BUT... when I was playing linebacker in high school my dad always said to model your game after Junior... so he was the guy that I up to... But when the '9ers played the chargers in the superbowl back in '94 - '9ers all the way baby!!! But, he is a guy i wished got a ring..