Saturday, January 3, 2009

The One with the Winners of my GIveaway!

Looking back to 2008, I am still blown away at what God has done in my life. Getting married to the love of my life, starting a new home with my hubby, gaining another family, and starting my photography career. What a doozy of a year, indeed. Everything that has happened to me photog-wise has been unforeseen gifts from God. If someone told me Jan 2008 that I would be here Jan 2009, I would laugh out loud.

So seeing as how much has been given to me, I feel absolutely honored to be able to give back somehow. I am happy to announce that Hakeem and Ute are the winners of my giveaway!

Their story was sent in by Ann and Diana and it deeply touched my heart because it is yet another illustration of how our God is a one of details that always has our best interests in mind.

Here's their story:

Hakeem & Ute Oluwo won a once in a million lottery, literally. A couple of years ago, they were chosen for the Green Card lottery, enabling them (semi) hassle-free entry into the US from their current home country of Austria. They chose to move to San Diego after having met some of the members of our church who were in Austria on a mission trip. Hakeem & Ute knew that the most important decision about the move would be connecting with spiritual family. So San Diego, it was!

Little did they know of the struggle & hardship that would face them in years to come. Ute, a licensed Austrian nurse, would have to re-take many of her nursing classes, as the credits did not transfer to the US licensing system. Hakeem took two jobs to support his growing family, as Ute learned she was pregnant with their second daughter. He takes one night a week off to play “daddy”, so that Ute can finish the schooling she needs.

They’re not deserving because there’s some tragedy in their life, no one’s dying of cancer. They’re deserving simply because they can’t afford the luxury of having professional photos taken of them. All of their finances currently go to meet their family’s basic needs.

The Oluwo’s are a beautiful family. Hakeem is Nigerian, Ute is Austrian and they have two beautiful daughters Julia, 5 and Alisa, 2. But their real beauty is an inner beauty, coated with humility and a true love for people.

These two would do anything for anyone, in a heartbeat! Despite what’s going on in their own lives, they continually give spiritually & emotionally to everyone they meet. They are so easy to get along with and always looking for a way to encourage others. They are pillars in our church in San Diego, and they have been a tremendous source of encouragement for us and countless others and they deserve to be blessed.

Having professional photographs taken of their family would be something that they would cherish dearly and share with others around the world. I hope you consider them not because they’re deserving by the world’s standards, but because they’re truly a magnificent family.

Submitted with love and admiration,
Diana & Ann

I can't wait to do the shoot and share the photos! Thanks for the submission, Ann and Diana! :)


Ann said...

Thanks so much, Jas. I know they are so excited. And more than anything, I'm excited for your wonderful family to meet this wonderful family! Wish I was gonna be there to tag along! Can't wait to see the pics. Thanks, again.

~kelly marie~ said...

Wonderful!!! I can't wait to see their photos!

AHS Photography said...

That is so great! Can't wait to see the pics!