Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One with the Rehearsal Lunch at Tom Ham's Lighthouse

We had the pleasure of joining the rehearsal lunch at Tom Ham's Lighthouse. The weather was absolutely superb - the kind that makes you feel bad that you're enjoying high 70 degree weather while the rest of the country is in a winter freeze. The view of San Diego is spectacular from Harbor Island and reminds me of how blessed I am to call myself a, "San Diegan."

It was such a beautiful gathering of both families and friends. Vaness and Daniel both wore their wedding colors - her in shimmering gold, him in bold red. Too cute!



The two families together.

I somehow managed to not be in any other photo but this one with my big ol' mouth. :)

I love Vaness' smile and how just lights up her whole face.

The bride and groom's welcome speech.


Vaness looks even smaller with such a huge camera! :)

Silly faces!

10 shots later...

Proof that neither Daniel nor Vaness' dad could stay away from the camera... and I completely understand. :)

Tristan's (Daniel's younger brother) speech.


Daniel's tie even has gold in it! :)

Eliza's (Vaness' younger sister) speech


The food was super yummy and very well displayed! I loved how every dish came with an orchid. :)

Spinach & artichoke dip with house-made potato chips

Calamari strips with pineapple jalapeno dipping sauce

California Gold Salad

Adam (and most of the other guests) had the shrimp basket.

I had the club sandwich. YUM!

And what Vaness & Daniel celebration would it be without a delicacy from Hans & Harry?! Adam and I are hooked!


Practicing for the wedding day!






Vaness and siblings.


And of course, boys being boys. LOL!


Coming up next! Bridal slumber party!


~kelly marie~ said...

First of all, that food is making me hungry! It looks so good! Secondly, Vaness might be the cutest person alive. She looks so happy! Great photos!

Lucia Photography said...

fun! I feel like was there. & looking at the food makes me hungry!

Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

Jasmine, I love it! It feels like I was there :)

daniel said...

Yeah that food does look great... makes me hungry too. The couple looks very happy! Congrats to them!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

haha! vanessa does look tinier with the camera and jasmine i hate when you post awesome pictures of good food!! :P drooling now ;)