Sunday, August 17, 2008

The One with Julia and Chris' Engagement Party :: 08:09:08

I was invited to shoot an engagement party in Irvine for Julia and Chris last weekend. They were referred to me by the amazing Sarah K. Chen who's shooting their wedding next May in Palos Verde.

Something I absolutely love about parties is the food. And this party had an abundance of it. Trays and trays of yummy delicious food. Chinese and Vietnamese food too! I know Adam would have drooled over the huge trays of spring rolls, fried rice and chow mein. The clubhouse had a kitchen and some of the women were cooking HUGE pots of porridge. Yum! A mini candy bar and a chocolate fountain was definitely the cherry on top. Kids had so much fun with the chocolate fountain too. Food is such an essential part of my own family, so right off the bat I could tell that this was going to be a great party.

BlogJuliaChris001 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris010 copy.jpg
These little cupcakes and ice cream cone cupcakes were so adorable.

BlogJuliaChris009 copy.jpg
He was such a ham for the camera. I love it!

I had the chance to take the couple around the complex to get some quick shots. They were celebrating at the The Village Apartments right across the street from Irvine Spectrum. Wow. I thought La Mirage was a huge apartment complex, but The Village is like a town! A really hip and trendy town. They have their own Starbucks and Julia said that they play movies on the lawn sometimes. It was a beautiful place to shoot and I'm still in a little bit of awe still. So many different nooks and crannies... it would be a great place to shoot at night too.

They mentioned that they probably take about three photos of themselves in a year, so it was a treat to help get some shots of them as an engaged couple.


BlogJuliaChris002 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris003 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris004 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris005 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris007 copy.jpg

BlogJuliaChris008 copy.jpg

It was such a blessing to share in your engagement celebration. Thank you for making me feel like a part of the family. I can only imagine how awesome your wedding is going to be next May. Best wishes to you both!


Melissa McClure Photography said...

Great job J! I love that shot of them standing one floor above you!!

Adrienne said...

Jasmine these are gorgeous! I especially love that first one. Saw on your Twitter that you're not feeling well... hope you get well soon!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Gorgeous pictures, Jasmine! I absolutely love the last one. It's just so cute! They are glowing!

Thank you for all the blog comments! I loved them! :)

We must catch up soon. I can't wait to hear how all these shoots went, and, plus, I need my Jasmine fix :).

PS. I will send you pictures from the wedding soon! I have Chris Tak's too now, so I can put them all together :).

Tawny said...

I hope your dentist appointment went well! Your pictures are looking great and colorful! How are you and Adam? I hope great. I linked you on my website =)

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

gor-geous jasmine!!! love the balcony shot!!

kristin said...

Cute couple...great pics girl!
You loving married life! Were celebrating our 6 year annve on the 31st! I love bring married!

tiffchum said...

I didn't think anyone was following along with me on my blog, so thanks for reading it!

I hope you, Adam, and the family are doing great! MISSS you!! said...

Amazing pictures, what a cute couple. :)

Ricki Ford said...

These are some really great shots

Abigail Q said...

Ok I just randomly stumbled onto your wedding pictures and you were gorgeous! Just thought you should know... ;)

ps do you remember where you got the boxes for the candy bar? I want to get some!