Thursday, February 21, 2008

The One where "I thought the moon looked weird tonight..."

lunar eclipse across sky - timelapse
Originally uploaded by Rygood

I just read on (one of the photographers I met on the La Jolla photowalk two weeks ago) that there was a lunar eclipse earlier tonight.

I thought I was just a little crazy (or unobservant) because on my way to my weekly women's bible study ("Sisters") tonight, I did think to myself when I looked at the moon that it looked a little odd. Like it looked like a crescent but a little more like the top of a mushroom. I just thought to myself, "Hey, the moon looks weird... hmm... Oh Jasmine, you probably just don't pay enough attention to the moon. It's SUPPOSED to look like that. Oh and start paying attention to road instead of the moon. You're driving."

Such a dork.

At least now I know I'm not a completely ignorant moon observer. And maybe I should trust my instincts a little more.


Kevin said...

Hey Jas, new logo? Lookin' good. I wanna see more photo posts from you. You have some catching up to do :P

Jan said...

Jasmine, a very nice compo you have here !! All these phases nicely aligned. Great.