Saturday, February 2, 2008

Diary of a Washed Up Rock Star Wedding Photographer - Episode 1

I came across this while blog-surfing today. One of the many photographers I follow is Joe Photo. His work is amazing, but as a person, he's even more awesome. I often find his blogs inspirational and it's great to see what God has been doing in his life. Seems like a great guy that would be interesting to talk to.

Here is some info for you photographers out there interested in attending the WPPI 2009 (originally posted on Joe Photo's blog):

Spread the Love and Gain Free Admission to WPPI 2009

WPPI has come up with an incredible offer to those of you willing to share this hilarious series. Anyone who posts this or episode 2 on their blog or website will gain free admission to WPPI 2009. No, that’s not a typo. You’ll gain FREE admission to next year’s convention and tradeshow. And it’s going to be the biggest one ever. It will be the first year WPPI will be at the MGM grand. It’s going to be huge!

But wait…there’s more! Whichever posted set of videos (for both episodes 1 and 2) gets the most unique views, that person will get FIVE FREE ADMISSIONS to WPPI 2009. That’s right. You and four of your friends will be able to get into the largest wedding and portrait convention and expo absolutely free of charge.

I've wanted to go to WPPI for awhile now, but seeing as how most of my extra funds this year will be go towards our wedding in July, I won't be attending this year. However, I am super excited to go next year. (Especially for free!) God willing, I'll have much more prepared and off the ground by then. I'm hoping to really build my portfolio this year.

And it's going to be at the MGM Grand. Such fun! Who's down to go with me next year? (I'm calling YOU out Kevin and Amanda!)

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Ann said...

Jasmine! Thanks for the heads up about the free WPPI admission for next year. We'll miss you there this year, but you've got bigger & more important things to do with your time right now ;-) . Enjoyed spending time with you yesterday - looking forward to more!