Monday, November 24, 2008

The One with Heidi and Scott's Family

Heidi and Scott came down from Orange County for a family shoot here in Coronado. You could tell how much love filled this family because of all the little intimate moments throughout the shoot. It was really a blessing for Adam and I to be able to spend some time with them. I had so many favorite shots, it was really hard to narrow it down.

Max and Merrick were absolutely adorable. I am such a sucker for baby blue eyes. Put a beautiful baby with bright blue eyes in front of me and I will probably do ANYTHING you ask me to. These two boys just made my heart gush.

When I asked Heidi about her two sons and she answered that they love things all boy - cars, trucks, mud.. I knew I was in for a really fun day. Wanna run around in the grass? Oh yeah. How about in the sand? Yup! Let's try to get sand in all our crevices!!! Woo hoo! Max loved the helicopters, sirens, running fast, ducks in the water, chasing the seagulls, picking up seashells, and so much more. They were such a delight to shoot. You could tell that these boys were home at the beach and just loved playing in the sand. I wonder what would happen if we had let them loose in the water? :)

We walked around the ferry landing and then headed down to the beach by the Hotel Del Coronado. The day was absolutely perfect and we were thankful that God kept the fog at bay until the shoot was over.

Beautiful San Diego skyline.


My favorite kid photo. EVER. Love it.

Love this father and son moment.

Merrick looking over the bay.

Max intrigued by the ducks in the water.


Could this get any more perfect?!


Max picked a flower and then presented it to his mom. Is that sweet?!


Handful of sand? Hmm... how did it get onto my pants?



The family, pre-sand.




And not only were they cute, they were so well-dressed! Look at these All-Stars! Did you know they made them so small?




My favorite shot of Scott and Merrick. Just love the emotion in it.

Flying baby!




You looking at me?!

Say cheeeeeese!







Heidi and Scott, your family is so amazing. Max and Merrick are such beautiful boys! Thanks for sharing an afternoon with us! I hope that you two have a fabulous run at the Turkey Trot and and a joyful Thanksgiving!

Special thanks to Ann Pasquini for referring me!


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

awesome session jasmine!! love the little chucks!!! gorgeous family too! don't you just love shootin in coronado!

Catie said...

awww what a fun shoot! you did a great job and all the fun that was had definitely shows! :)

AHS Photography said...

what a beautiful family!

Melissa McClure Photography said...

Fantastic session Jasmine! I bet they love the photos!

Dawn Gioia Photography said...

I love these!

Ann said...

Jas!! You did such a great job capturing this family! You can definitely see they are ALL BOY and that Heidi & Scott are very loving parents. Good job!!

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

ohhh my gosh! these are sooo great! I love them all. What a fun day a the beach!

Brandon Williams said...

Great images! They look like a really fun family to shoot.

Bryan Villarin said...

I don't think you needed to say anything. Just post the photos and I could tell how much fun you had. :)

Great work!

Sylvia Borgo said...

Gorgeous family! Ohhhh, those boys . . . I could just squeeze, squeeze them - they are sooo adorable!

Rachel Brooke said...

The sky is amazing!! That bench shot is fantastic. Great images, Jasmine!

moe...!!! said...

beautiful shots! i'm SOOO using this location for my next shoot!

Mary Marantz said...

what a cute family!! great job on these!

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

just wanted to give you another shout out!

~kelly marie~ said...

Gorgeous, Jasmine! Wow!! You just keep getting better and better. I love these photos. I am sure this family will always treasure them. I really love the way you captured all the blues. Amazing!

Abigail Q said...

I LOVE the picture of them on the bench with their backs turned! So cute!

amanda fales shaw said...

thank you SO much for your comments. you are so encouraging, sister! I need to make some friends, it looks like! 17 comments for you, one for me? :) Maybe we should move to CA? :)

I LOVE YOUUU, too! :)

Kevin Tsang said...

I love the expressions you've capture Jas. I know you love taking photos of the youngin's and it shows :)

Daniel Galang Photography said...

You are def growin in your photography jas... Improvement seen in every session.. Great job on these - the bench shot is a winner for me!

Enoch Photography said...

love that shot of the family together on the bench.

Beautiful Moments Photography said...

The bird shot on the beach rocks my world!