Saturday, January 12, 2008

The One with New Year's Day Brunch & Food Photography

On New Year's Day, we had a lovely brunch with Mike and Kelly, her family and her family friends. We all helped out in the kitchen and the food was so yummy!

I also had an opportunity at "food photography" and took some shots of the delicious food. Pulled out my 50mm to get some super sharp pictures. I love how the shots came out and definitely need to use that lens more often. (And perhaps, prepare myself for the 85mm I hope to buy myself eventually?!) Also, I had Richard's flash. Again, rocked my world as a photographer that day. My next photog purchase will definitely be a flash.

A super yummy fruit salad made by Dawn. I just LOVED the colors in this salad. It was topped with a lemon/yogurt mix that was to die for!

One more shot of the fruit salad. The colors just pop!

Kelly's mom made a yummy frittata (sp?). And isn't the plate amazing?! It's like a piece of art.

I REALLY loved this quesadilla that Kelly's mom made. It was garnished with this salsa that was yum-o!

There was also this great cabbage dish that the Moroch's brought over that was really tasty. Wish I had got a shot of that too.

What a delightful brunch!

Some shots of the PEOPLE that actually were at the brunch other than the food.

The amazing chef herself!

Kelly sharing her wedding album with her family friend. Her wedding album was so beautiful.

Mike and Putter.

Come back for my first real attempt at pet photography soon!

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Kelly said...

Your food photography is straight out of Bon Appetit!