Monday, January 21, 2008

The One with the New Year's Resolutions (better late than never)

I've been sitting on writing this post... especially since it's later and later in January.

So here goes. I'm sending it out to the universe, in hopes that I'll actually do a good job this year of keeping them!

1) Treat my body more like it's God's temple than just something that gets me through my to-do's each day.

2) Blog more regularly. My main excuse is that I often don't take enough photos to post each week, but I guess I need to take more photos then. Ohhhhh..... Adammmm!!! hehe

3) Treasure each moment. It seems like our wedding is coming at us full steam ahead now that it's less than 6 months away. But, as much as I can't wait to be Adam's wife, I really need to enjoy the special moments along the way.

4) Brush up on Photoshop and take this photography thing more seriously this year. (Probably after the wedding madness, but still... very much needed to fulfill my creative side) TAKE MORE PHOTOS! (A point-and-shoot would help in this, but still... NO excuses!)

5) Answer emails sooner. I tend to wait to the weekend to respond... (forgot to add this to the list)

6) Truly cherish my Adam more and more each day because I'm realizing more and more how he's a gift given to me from God.

*Photo taken from PCH trip last summer. Love the composition in this one.

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Kelly said...

I like your resolutions list! They really made me think about what my own resolutions should be, and I think we could all learn from your resolutions! I can't wait to see your upcoming photographs too!