Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The One with Dad's Dinner

Food is at the core of my family. Everything has always revolved around food. When my family and I eat lunch, we are already plotting out our dinner. The wonderful thing about inheriting Adam's family is that his family is the same way. Food is an integral part of their family too.

My dad and grandpa are both chefs. They've cooked for my family all of my life until I left for college and I have to say that more often than not, I crave a home-cooked meal from home whenever I get a big "I-want-Chinese-food!!!" craving.

So when my dad came to the San Diego location of City Wok, whom he works for, it was special treat to get a meal-cooked-by-Dad. Made me feel right at home again.

An inside joke with my family is that you can always expect Adam to finish the soup. My husband LOVES soup. And by LOVE, I mean if he could choose only one meal to eat for the all the rest of his days, it would be hands down, soup... in particular, noodle soup. Every time he cooks soup for dinner, I am always taken aback by quickly he finishes his first bowl (out of many) because it's a hot bowl of soup. He has developed a tolerance of some sort to the heat, I suppose. So the first course of many was of course SOUP FOR ADAM. And did he finish it all? Do you really have to ask?


We also had delish egg rolls. Mmmm...


And then we had lots of dishes to eat, including Salt & Pepper Tofu, Fried Rice, and Veggie Medley. Yum-O! I know everyone says that their mom or dad cooks the best, but in my case, it's TRUE! And apparently, when we eat... we eat a lot. Did I mention this meal was only shared by the two of us?

We had a lovely conversation over dinner and it was nice to reconnect with family. Thanks for dinner Dad! It made me feel like I was a home.

(photos from my P&S)


AHS Photography said...

I'm hungry now :)

Adrienne said...

Yum! You've got me totally hungry and I'm especially craving SOUP! haha.

~kelly marie~ said...

This food looks so good! I must try your Dad's cooking one day! That tofu is making me hungry!

ed atrero said...

holy smokes, jasmine! that fried tofu looks good!!!! we're definitely going there soon!